The supply chain for manufacturing materials continues to be impacted greatly. It has been difficult for small business manufacturers to get the needed supplies for their products, including us. 

At times we may need to cancel or change an order, though will always confirm with you first. We value your opinion and will generally upsize your product if needed.

If you have any questions on other Covid-19 related items please CONTACT US

1/4/22 Update

Our wholesale supplier for amber glass recently switched the country of origin and manufacturer. Because of manufacturers' sourcing of raw materials, the color of the amber jars may change from lot to lot. They may be a lighter amber color or a darker amber color depending on the raw materials they are able to source. The lighter amber colored glass may show slight imperfections that will not impact the candle burn. 

11/18/21 Update

Our wholesale partner continues sourcing amber jars from different vendors and the most recent shipment the larger amber is a little lighter in color. They are still beautiful and contrast well only a little lighter amber color.

10/20/21 Update

We continue to struggle with sourcing materials that are cost effective without raising prices. We also continue testing new wooden wick options for the future and have started stocking our USA glass vessel for a higher end option and packaging. Expect pricing to change in the future with cost of goods, increased shipping costs and sourcing.

7/19/21 Update

We have removed the 9 ounce option as our supplier is unable to provide the made in the USA vessel we have been using. Libbey, a glass manufacturer is working to catch up on supply expect by fall we will have this option back in stock. You should also anticipate a new product when this returns. We are excited about the new vessel and packaging - more to come.

4/22/21 Update

We have added a new Black Label Collection to help with our end of supply issues. Besides, we think the new line is very cool and brings a minimalist approach to the products we offer you. 

We are also excited to bring a new vessel into our lineup. The Libbey 917CD will be our new clear option with wood wicks. The container can be repurposed as drinking glasses simply by removing the wax, wick holder and washing with soap and water. This is a quality high end glass made in the USA - more info on glass CLICK HERE.

Unfortunately, we had to remove the 3.5 oz option for all candles to keep our remaining supply for our wholesale partners. When supply improves we will bring the 3.5 oz option back to website.

4/1/21 Update

Manufacturing supplies continue to have significant demand and production has not caught up. Many of our wholesale supply chains have 1-3 months backlog on supply. Shipping will continue to be a problem into the future so expect items to take longer to reach you.

We have removed some candle options to streamline our collection. If you loved a certain sent and you do not see it on the website, please CONTACT US with a special request and we can accommodate.

12/4/20 Update

Amber jars and gold lids are in very short supply and sell out immediately as major suppliers receive them from manufacturing companies. We have a great supply of our 7.2 and 9 ounce jars, though are running low on the smaller size. We expect to receive a shipment of jars on 1/13 - 1/17 that will allow us to continue providing your orders. 

USPS has been experiencing significant delays. We have decided to use UPS exclusively to alleviate any late arriving orders. 

Thank you for understanding and supporting us during these unprecedented times.